APPTRREE - Privacy Policy is a product of SuperCoolCoder At APPTRREE ("our", "we" or "us"), we are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy describes how we collect, use, share, protect and handle the information about you, and describes your choices about how we use your information. This privacy policy applies to the website and the services hosted at

This privacy policy applies to the services offered by us at, and applies to the information collected by us through our service. By visiting our website, or by using our service, you agree and consent to our practices around your privacy, your information and our services.

If you do not agree with any of the terms described in this privacy policy, you must stop the use of our website and services, and if you have any questions regarding your privacy and information, contact us using the contact details provided in this privacy policy.

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What information do we collect and how do we use them?

Legal basis for data subject to the EU

How do we share information?

Your Choice on information and Privacy Rights

Rights in respect to EU or Switzerland or other applicable regions:

Data Storage and Security

Links to other websites

Updates to our Privacy Policy

How to Contact Us

What information do we collect and how do we use them?

You can browse most of our website's pages without providing any personal information or without registering for an account.

We collect personal information that can be used to identify you, and also collect non-personal information which cannot be used to identify you.

We may collect or ask you for personal or non-personal information at times such as when you contact us for technical support, you send us email, we send you email, you send us feedback, communicate with us, or when you use our website or services in any form such as a client or just as a visitor without using any of our services.

Account and Contact Information: We may collect personal information like name, email address, phone number when you interact with us.

Information collected through your use of our services: We may collect additional information over time during your use of our services such as the IP address, browser, device used, operating system, location, information on how you use our website. We may retain such information to help us customize our services for the best experience, provide you with necessary information when communicating with you, understand any problems you may face and provide appropriate solutions.

We use the personal and non-personal information to help us provide our services, enhance your experience in using our services, and for the following business practices:

To improve our services: We use the collected information and additional data generated over time during your use of our services, to improve our services and our business operations.

To improve your experience: We use your information to understand your usage of the services and provide you the best experience, and assist you with any problems you face in using our services. Examples of such information include, your activity on a particular page or section, such as time spent, items clicked. These information are collected so that we can understand your interests, requirements, or difficulties in using a feature, add new features, and improve or personalize your experience according to your needs or for improving our services for everyone.

To provide you support and communication: When you communicate with us for information on our services, or for technical support, or for any other queries, we use your information to understand your needs or problems and to provide you the necessary information and/or solution. We may use your information to communicate with you through email or phone for the purpose of explaining or improving our services. We may use your information to contact you for comments, request feedbacks, request testimonials, explain offers, follow up on complaints, request for more information, or for any other necessary interaction to maintain our business and services.

To improve our business services and third-party communication: We may use your information to send you marketing information, promotions or details on our services, updates to our policies or terms of use to help you understand and make the best use of our services. In addition, we may also use your information to send you emails or messages from third-parties related to contests, offers, promotions, marketing, sponsored content. In the website, or videos, or emails, or content, or other forms of communication, we may display content from third parties for which we may not have full control such as advertising or other content made available by those third-parties.

To display messages, feedbacks: We may use your information such as your messages, emails, comments, feedbacks, testimonials and similar data to display on our website. If you do not want such information from you to be displayed publicly, then you can contact us and mention your preferences using the contact details provided at the bottom of this document.

To ensure security: We may use your information to monitor your usage, track unhealthy traffic patterns, insecure website access and other user information that will help us to ensure safety and security of our services.

For other business purposes: We may use your information for business purposes such as website traffic monitoring, page visits, user activity, location, device information and other general data to maintain and improve our services. We may use this information to analyze and understand the impact of our services.

Legal basis for data subject to the EU:

We process your personal data based on the following purposes:

  1. In order to perform the contract with you for the service;
  2. When it is necessary to process the data for our legitimate interests, or your interests, or interests of a third party, and other necessary interests such as to improve the services, promote business, maintain services, ensure security of data, avoid harmful threats to website or users, and for other technical or general purposes as explained above;
  3. When you give your consent to process your data and personal information for using the services or for helping us providing you the services mentioned above.
  4. When it is necessary to process the data in order to comply with a legal obligation or to defend legal claims.

Please contact us using the contact details mentioned in this document if you need more details on any legal basis based on which we process your data.

How do we share information?

We may share your information with third-party individuals, companies, organizations, or other parties for providing or improving our services, for maintaining our business operations, or for legal needs, or for other purposes as explained in detail below.

Other Companies or partners: We may share your information with other companies owned by us or our partner companies or our subsidiaries or the company or companies that owns or controls us. This privacy policy applies to the companies which we share your information.

Employees and Third-party support: We may share your information with our employees, third party companies, other individuals, vendors, consultants or service providers that help to support our services, or provide the services on our behalf, either partially, or as directed by us. The services which require such sharing of data with third parties may include technical maintenance, customer support, content creation, code development, data analytics, security features, and any other features that help us improve your experience in using our services.

Other parties: We may share information to other parties for purposes related to acquisition, sale of shares, holdings, change of ownership, either partially or completely, or bankruptcy or other similar scenarios. Your information which may be part of such data transfers may include your name, username, email address, contact details, user activity, user generated content, or content posted or shared by you directly.

Legal Obligations: We may share your information for legal processes, or to obey a court order, or to follow the instructions of any law or regulation that requires the sharing of data directly or indirectly, or upon the request of government. We may share information to enforce our Terms of service, check for policy or terms violations, or illegal activities, and protect the rights and safety of our users, and to defend us against any legal claims, allegations or proceeding.

Anonymous data: Data which does not identify an individual may be shared with third-party services or business partners to improve our services. Automatically generated data such as user activity, analyzed trends and other such information may be anonymized to eliminate personally identifiable information to be shared for business research, content improvement, and other business purposes that improve our services.

Your Choice on information and Privacy Rights

Removal of data: If you have questions regarding any data that are possibly related to you, you can send us an email to the email address mentioned in the contact details below. Please note that some data might be permanently removed immediately or after a period of time to reduce storage space or improve the performance of the website, in which case you may have to create a new account. Some data may not be removed completely, and may stay in our servers without being able to recover or be able to identify you or your projects. Some data may be retained as required by applicable laws or regulations.

Email Communications: If you wish to stop receiving certain emails from us such as promotions, marketing, offers, you can send us an email using the contact details mentioned below, mentioning what type of emails you would like to receive or stop receiving. However, you may not be able to opt-out of certain emails such as updates to our policies, or terms, or conditions and similar important emails.

Children Accounts: Parents or Guardians are requested to monitor their children's website activity and can control the information being shared in our services using the features mentioned above. For additional help in modifying information or removing data, please email us using the contact details mentioned below.

Rights in respect to EU or Switzerland or other applicable regions: In some regions, where applicable (such as the European Union), your privacy rights may include:

  1. right to request access and request a copy of your personal information
  2. right to request rectification of your personal information
  3. right to request erasure of your personal information
  4. right to obtain the restriction of the processing of your personal information
  5. right to portability of your personal information
  6. right to object to the processing of your personal information

If you wish to make any such requests, please use the contact details mentioned below, to send us an email with relevant details to process your request.

We will take the necessary actions after analyzing your request and the applicable laws. You also have the right to complain to your local data protection authority whose contact details are available at:

Data Storage and Security

We store your information using Amazon's Web Services in the United States region. Your information may also be transferred, stored and processed in countries outside the United States for international access of the website or for technical development and assistance. We may transfer or make your information accessible to the employees of our company, our subsidiaries, companies of ownership, business partners, third party service providers such as vendors, consultants, freelancers or other individuals in order to facilitate the providing of our services and for necessary business assistance such as data backup, data security, code development, and other similar technical operations. Your information may be transferred or made accessible to any relevant authorities or individuals working on behalf of the government or investigators, for the purpose of enforcing a law, or regulation, or to defend ourselves against any legal claims or allegations and any other legal purposes that are applicable.

If you are a resident in the EU region or other places, where the laws that govern data collection, use and processing of your information differs from those of the U.S., you acknowledge that we may transfer your information to the United States, or any other country or region, where the laws governing the handling of personal information might be different from those of your region, and so we request you to take the necessary steps to make a note of how your personal information is handled in accordance with this privacy policy and how your personal information may be handled according to the governing laws of those places outside your country, or jurisdiction, where we transfer your data in order to provide our services, in accordance to our contract such as the Terms of Service, and for other purposes for which you provide your consent. We take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your information and if you wish to know more details on how your information is transferred, please contact us using the contact details mentioned below.

We take reasonable technical and non-technical steps to safeguard your information. However, we cannot guarantee complete protection against a security breach. When you use our services, you do so at your own risk. In the event of any compromise to the security of your data, or other such technical mishaps, and we become aware of it, we will take the necessary steps to investigate the situation and if the event proves to be harmful, we will notify you of the event, in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.

Your information may also be affected by the privacy settings of the third party websites or services you used to access our services, such as social media networks. We are not responsible for the security practices or data handling policies of any third party. We request you to use our services with necessary online safety measures. We are not responsible for security compromises arising from your online browsing practices.

Links to other websites

Our website or services may have links to or be linked to other websites that are may not be affiliated with us. We are not responsible for the data collection, usage and security measures of those third party websites. Examples of such third-party websites may include advertising, social media networks. This privacy policy does not apply to the data collected by such third-party websites and so you are requested to check the privacy policies of the third-party websites and contact them for queries related to how they process your information.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

We may make changes or update this Privacy Policy, from time to time. We request you to review this page on a regular basis to be updated on the latest revision of this privacy policy. We post the revised policy with the date it was updated. If we make changes in a material manner, we specify the date of revision at the bottom of this page, and we may let you know by either notifying you or by posting a notice on our website. Your continued use of our services after such changes to the policy or other applicable agreements represents that you accept the new changes in the policy and other applicable agreements. If you do not agree to any part of this policy or any future changes to the policy, you must stop the use or access of our services and website.

How to Contact Us

You can contact us for any questions about this Privacy Policy, by sending an email to the following email address:

This Privacy Policy was last updated on September 28, 2021.